Dryer Vents

By | December 10, 2016

We have run articles about the importance of cleaning your dryer vents in the past but it is certainly worth repeating as in-attention causes over 15,000 fires annually which is especially troubling since we share a wall with our neighbors.

Lint is moist and like a snowball, the longer it rolls the bigger it gets.   Given the lengths of our dryer vents due to the placement of the laundry rooms,  the lint has a long way to roll before reaching the end of the vent, hence increasing the chance that it will become clogged.  Professionals use a sturdy snake or power brush to release clogs along with a powerful vacuum to remove impediments.   Remember that the cost of a professional cleaning is offset by the energy savings as clogged vents can add $18 to $25 to your monthly energy bill.
Lint isn’t the only enemy, as birds commonly enter the vents as they love building nests in the closed, warm space.  Sometimes they will peck the vent cover to get it open, so its a good idea to check your vent cover.
If you note any of the following conditions then you are definitely overdue for a cleaning:
  1.  Your dryer takes longer than 40 minutes to adequately dry a load
    • so before rushing out to buy a new dryer, you may just need your vent cleaned
  2.  Your dryer feels hot to the touch while running
  3.  Your dryer collects large amounts of lint during operating.
Under Woody’s Corner, found under Co-Owner’s Corner, we have published the names and contacts information for a professional vent cleaning companies recommended by your neighbors.  Consider giving yourself a gift of safety this holiday season.