Welcome to the Neighborhood

By | July 9, 2017

We’d like to give a great big Woodlands welcome to some new neighbors Ron and Trish Atziinger of Aspen Ridge.

They didn’t have to move very far as they came from St. Lawrence Estates at 7 Mile and Sheldon Roads across from the race track.  Ron retired in 2002 from Ford’s where he worked as a illustrator for the Parts Manual. (So he’s to the one to blame, if you got confused while you were doing a little tinkering on your car.)    Trish retired in 2004 from serving as a clerk in the Water Department of the City of Livonia.  They will be married for 51 years as of September this year.  They have 2 daughters and 3 grand children.  A 4 year old girl and twins (one of each) who are 18 years old.  (Wow, that’s quite a spread.)  Ron loves wood carving and creates ducks, fairy houses, fish, vintage shoes, skates, soccer shoes etc.  While Trish claims that she has no hobbies, she does love to decorate and read and yet somehow manages to keep herself very busy.  They both love to travel but obviously with just moving into a new house, they are taking a break from that activity.