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Wells for Irrigation

Although some information was provided in the minutes and Power Point from the Annual Meeting, Ed Worth the Board Member Liaison for the Architectural Control Committee, has provided the following additional information for the homeowners: The Board is investigating changing the irrigation system from Detroit Water and Sewage Department water to a well due to… Read More »

Retractable Awning Tip

One of our co-owners passed along this tip about retractable awning! Using a thin bungee cord on each corner of the extended awning  (connected to the deck railing)  will give enough tension to keep the awning from flapping in a moderate wind without worrying about damage.

Retractable Awnings

Our wonderful Woodland neighbors are sharing their collective knowledge regarding retractable awnings: Susan states: We  had  an  awning.  It was  color  matched  to our  home  by  Marygrove Awning.  We paid  extra  for  all the  features  like  electric motor,  tilting left  or  right from the  sun,  inside  the  house  mounted electric  button.  It was  nice  but  we… Read More »

Retractable Awnings

We have a fellow resident who is considering installing a retractable awning and would appreciate some input.  Have you installed a retractable awning on your unit?  If so, where did you purchase it?  What make and/or model number was it?  Are you satisfied?  Dissatisfied?  If you had to do it over, is there anything about your… Read More »

Do you ever have that sinking feeling?

One of our homeowners has a question about a problem the are having with their kitchen sink. The stainless steel sink unit is pulling away from the granite countertop. The gap between the sink and countertop is now almost half an inch. Help! Has anyone else had this problem? Any suggestions on someone to contact to remedy this problem… Read More »

Heave Ho!

Some co-owners have experienced heaving of the deck foundation pillars possibly due to the depth of the frost these past few winters.  There is a process of leveling the deck in lieu of replacing it, but unfortunately it is not cheap.   It runs from $500 to $1,000 depending upon the size of the deck as well as… Read More »

Woody’s Corner Update

Fred and Bonnie Sheill would like to add the name of an electrician that they recently used to Woody’s List.  He is licensed and insured and does new construction, service changes, recessed lighting, basements and was very helpful with suggestions. Bob Webb Residential Electric Service 810-923-4966 If you are not familiar with Woody’s List, it… Read More »

And the Answer Is!

Again, our wonderful Woodland neighbors have come through!  Here is the information provided regarding the ceiling paint: Pat Monteith indicates that you should  ask at Sherwin Williams for Pulte Classic White Formula from 2003. Ron Burek states that Pulte painted our ceilings with: Pulte Classic White B30  WA  2001  640-16950 Pulte’s contractor in 2003: Bruce Pitter, Pitters Paint,… Read More »

What’s UP?

on that ceiling? We have a co-owner who is doing some painting and is looking for some information on the ceiling paint originally used by Pulte.  If you can help, please Contact the Communications Committee. We’ll be sure to publish it in the newsletter so everyone has the information. We have previously provided information on the… Read More »