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Crime Mapping

CLEMIS is a report management system that compiles crime reports from police departments  and makes them available to the public at  The website is user-friendly with icons that show the location of the crime, type of crime and a case number. Icons represent robberies, assaults, break-ins, drug possession, accidents when a drunk driver was involved and… Read More »

Vehicle Break-Ins

For those of you who are not signed up for crime alerts from Northville, the following was sent on July 28th by the City of Northville. Unlawful Entry of Vehicles North of Eight Mile Between Taft and Novi Roads Early this morning suspects enter several vehicles that were parked in driveways and on the streets.… Read More »

Zika Virus

There is a great deal concern over the Zika Virus and the threat that it poses.  Michael G. Kaufman, an entomologist with Michigan State University, recently published an Article titled “Zika Virus Concerns for Michigan Residents”, the highlights of which are detailed below: Most of us in the United States have nothing to worry about… Read More »

Co-existing with Coyotes

The following information was provided by the Michigan Department of Natural Resources. Coyotes can be found everywhere in Michigan — forests, fields, farmlands, backyards, neighborhoods and cities.  It is possible for people in suburban and urban areas to coexist with wildlife, including coyotes. However, many people would prefer not to have them hanging around. Learn… Read More »

April is Distracted Driving Awareness Month

 Five seconds is the average time a driver’s eyes are off the road while texting. What could happen in five seconds? When traveling at 55mph, that’s enough time to cover the length of a football field blindfolded. Here are some tips to help decrease distracted driving: Become familiar with vehicle features and equipment before driving.… Read More »

Craig’s List and Other Internet Sales

The Novi Police Department parking lot  has two designated parking sports to conduct internet sales transaction in a safe location.  The lot itself is monitored by staff and security cameras 24 hours a day and is well-lit in the evening.   Police advise sellers to not invite potential buyers to their homes, and meeting at the police department helps reduce any… Read More »

How To Get Rid Of Old Medications

If you have unused, unwanted, or expired medications, please do not flush them down the toilet or throw them in the trash.  They can be disposed of at the permanent drop box located inside the lobby at the Northville Township Police Department at 41600 Six Mile Road. Proper disposal of medications has long been a difficult… Read More »

Fraud Prevention Seminar

The City of Livonia is presenting a seminar on Fraud Prevention on Tuesday February 9th at 9:30 am at the Civic Park Senior Center located at 15218 Farmington Road, Livonia, MI  48154. Retired Police Sergeant Robert Haig will address the numerous scams that are targeting senior citizens and what you can do to lessen your… Read More »

Free Radon Test Kits for Wayne County Residents

Did you know that Radon is a leading cause of lung cancer, second only to smoking?   So what exactly is Radon?  It is a naturally occurring radioactive gas that is tasteless, odorless, and colorless and comes from the radioactive decay (breakdown) of radium and uranium in the earth.  It enters homes through openings in the foundation… Read More »

Shopping Safety: Don’t be an Easy Target

Here is another great article of safety tips as we do our Holiday Shopping from the Michigan State Police December Community Bulletin. As holiday shoppers hit the stores to check their list and check it twice, it’s important to remember that the influx of shoppers makes these venues attractive to thieves. To minimize your likelihood of… Read More »