Are you thinking about selling your house?

By | January 16, 2015

A lady who just sold her house and is extremely interested in moving into Woodlands South has contacted us.  She has written into her home sale contract that she has 90 days before she has to vacate, but this leaves her with nary a place to lite!!  She wants to buy ASAP. if you’ve been thinking about selling your house and moving permanently to someplace warm, how is the time.  There is a very serious buyer ready to purchase and move within the next 90-days.  Think of sitting out on a patio where it is nice and warm!  Besides, you’ll same a lot on real estate commissions selling your house.

Now I’m not saying let’s kick somebody out, just that we definitely have someone serious about buying a home here.   She really wants to move to Woodlands and hopes that she won’t have to move her things to storage, rent someplace and then buy.   We have all of her contact information so you can contact her directly.  Just Contact the Communications Committee and we we pass that information along to you.