Household Hazard Waste Collection Events in Northville

By | September 3, 2018

Household Hazardous Waste Collection – Saturday, Sept 22nd – 8 am to 2 pm  

  • Located at the City Yards – 650 Doheny  (Six Mile East to Northville Road. Turn Left on Northville Road to Doheny Dr. on your Right)
  • The wastes that will be accepted at this event are listed below:
      • Aerosol cans, any household chemicaIs
      • Antifreeze/Transmission Fluid
        Batteries: Automobile/Household/Marine
      • Caustic/Acids
      • Computer Equipment/Modem/Printers
      • Compact Spiral/Fluorescent Light Bulbs
      • Electronics; keyboards, mouse, cell phones
      • Expired Medicine*
      • Fax machines, VCR’s and televisions
      • Fuel oil/Gasoline/Gasoline and Oil Mixes
      • Herbicides/Insecticides/Fungicides/Pesticides
      • Kerosene
      • Medical Waste (sharp items in containers only)
      • Mercury items and mercury-contaminated debris
      • Oil based Paints/Stains**
      • Primers/Turpentine/Varnishes
      • Propane Tanks 1# and 20#

      * Expired Medicine can be taken to the Northville Township Police Department at anytime.

      ** Latex (water-based) paint may be disposed of on your trash collection day if prepared correctly.
      Proper disposal of paint requires the lids to be removed (put in trash receptacle) and allow the paint to dry out prior to disposal. (Placing clean kitty litter in the paint speeds up the drying process.) Put open cans of treated paint beside your trash, not in your trash.