Community Update from the Board of Directors

By | July 7, 2020


In an effort to improve communication with the residents, the Board of Directors will be sending out periodic updates regarding essential services in progress to enhance our communities appeal.   This is the first of those updates.

The Board met with Great Oaks Landscaping today to review how they are progressing with this seasons lawn maintenance.  They continue to fine tune their relationship with our subdivision as this is the first year providing this service to Woodlands South.  While there are issues that still need to be resolved, overall we are pleased with their progress in a very difficult environment.

Great Oaks will be edging and mulching all of our trees located in the boulevard as well as those located in the front of each unit over the next two weeks.  In addition, assuming the weather cooperates, they will mow the pond areas and along the walking paths.

On their advise, given the extreme temperature conditions, grass throughout the community will be cut to maintain a height of 4 inches.  That may result in spot mowing of areas that are not heat stressed until water conditions change.

Great Lakes asked if they should be edging any brick paver areas (along driveways and rear patios).  We have asked them to whip trim these areas as to not cause damage to the paver edge integrity.  These areas are deemed the homeowners responsibility.

You will also notice an additional neighborhood safety feature being added this coming week to our cul-de-sac’s.   New “No Parking Between Signs” will be installed in those areas to help manage previous traffic congestion concerns.

As with all of our Vendor relationships we ask that you do not engage directly with them on site.  Please address and document any concerns directly through Herriman & Associates to Helene Haratsaris our Community Association Manager  Contact the Management

As soon as we have a clear understanding of the issue with the irrigation system and the path forward to resolving it, we will provide an update to the community.

Your B.O.D.