2021 Woodlands Garage Sale

By | May 23, 2021

The Woodlands Annual Garage Sale will be held on

  • Dates:  Thurs, Friday, Saturday, June 11th thru June 12th
  • Times:  9:oo am to 4:00 pm
  • How:  The most successful garage sales are those that are well organized.
    1. Clearly price everything  and be prepared to bargain.  Remember your main intent is to “get rid of it”.  These are things you no longer want or need.
    2. All items you plan to sell should be clean!
    3. Price in bulk, such as three paperback books for $1.00 or 4 shirts for $10.00
    4. Have bags, and boxes for people to store their items and packing materials for breakable items (newspapers will do)
    5. Place signs where they will be seen. Add balloons to make them more noticeable. Drive by your signs to make sure they are properly placed.
    6. Large, interesting items should be clearly visible to lure people in.  If your sale does not look interesting people will simply drive by!
    7. Have plenty of change and small bills on hand to make change.  Don’t forget to guard your cash!
    8. Use tables with pretty covers to display your items.  Colorful plastic tablecloths are available at any party store.
    9. Display similar items together.
    10. Clothes that are displayed on a rack are more likely to have people look at them.
    11. Make sure you set up early….those early birds are your most eager buyers
    12. Have an electrical outlet and extension cord available do demonstrate that items work
    13. Play quiet music to relax your customers
    14. If your sale is for more than one day, try advertising a ½ price sale on the last day. Or add signs that say “Last Day! Everything Must Go!” Many people love to only shop garage sales on the last day assuming they will get the best bargain.
    15. Post a clearly visible sign that says “All Sales Final.” This will avoid any hassles later on.

    Then you can take all that money you get from your Garage Sale and go out and buy more Stuff!