2020 Annual Meeting Synopsis

By | July 4, 2021

We were finally able to hold the 2020 Annual Meeting on Thursday, June 24th.

Some of the highlights of that meeting included:

  • Approval of the minutes from the October 31, 2019 meeting.
  • Election of two members to the Board of Directors
    • Fred Sheill who has worked diligently on our behalf was not running for re-election.
    • John Shelar, an existing member of the board, was seeking re-election.
    • The two other candidates running for the open position included Vito Pizzo of Aspen Ridge and Cresence Schwartz of Birchwood Court.
    • John Shelar and Vito Pizzo were the two individuals elected to the Board.
  • Accomplishments of the association for 2020 included:
    • Restoration of community roads
    • Extensive curb and catch basin replacement
    • Cement replacement in driveways and sidewals
    • On-going conversion and maintenance of our irrigation system (the Association is 100% on well water for irrigation)
    • Completed roofs on 7 buildings
    • Exterior wood restoration and painting of 50 units.
  • Goals for 2021
    • Exterior wood restoration and painting of 25 units.
    • Additional roof replacements
    • Ongoing concrete restoration
    • Develop 5 year plan to address replacement of aging trees
    • Survey and develop restoration plan to address lawn issues
    • Review ways to improve areas surrounding utility boxes
    • Trim tree foliage overhanging sidewalk
    • Reduce encroachment of wooded areas into lawns on perimeter of community
  • An updated Rules and Regulations Guide including various Association Forms was distributed at the meeting.
  • A fiscal overview of the Association
    • 2021 Budget Overview
    • Long Term Reserves