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Under Kitchen Cabinet Lights

A special thanks to Fred Sheill who through persistent research was able to locate a replacement for the light fixture and lamps located under the kitchen cabinets. Manufacturer:  Nora Lighting ( Product #:  NU-12 (without Lamp) NU-12L (with Lamp) Lamps #:  1-F13T5CW Nora Lighting does not direct sell as they are a wholesaler.  However, a… Read More »

Sump Pump is in the Dump

One of our residents is having a problem with their sump pump and is reaching out to determine if someone else has had this issue and if so what was the solution. Over the last couple of weeks, ever though it has been relatively dry, their sump pump has been running every 15 to 25 minutes. … Read More »

Woody’s Corner Recommendations

Below are additional contractors that have been personally recommended by members of our community after personal experience.  Remember, all co-owner recommendations can be found on the web site by click on Co-owner’s Corner at the top of the Web Site and then clicking on Woody’s Corner. Restoration of Corian Countertops Solid Surface Restoration, LLC 586-566-6036 Finish… Read More »

Bathroom Light Covers

We have had numerous inquiries regarding the frosted glass light covers for the light bars originally installed by Pulte.  One of our neighbors, Cindi Gleisman took one of the fixtures to Michigan Chandelier on Grand River in Novi.  They were very helpful and provided the following information for replacement: Part Number:  206286 Description:  CK 640040-97 Frosted… Read More »

How safe is your Deck?

An article published in the Detroit News “Ask Angie” column on October 16, 2015, stated that per the Consumer Product Safety Commission, thousands of people are hurt on decks every year.  The higher the deck the more potential for serious injury.  The International Association of Certified Home Inspectors estimate that only 40 percent of existing decks… Read More »

Remodeling Query

One of our neighbors is posing a query for fellow ranch owners.  Specifically, they are wondering if anyone has removed the wall between the kitchen and living area, the one that currently has the oven and stove, as they feel that it would really open up the area. If you have done so or perhaps looked… Read More »

Wells for Irrigation

Although some information was provided in the minutes and Power Point from the Annual Meeting, Ed Worth the Board Member Liaison for the Architectural Control Committee, has provided the following additional information for the homeowners: The Board is investigating changing the irrigation system from Detroit Water and Sewage Department water to a well due to… Read More »

Retractable Awning Tip

One of our co-owners passed along this tip about retractable awning! Using a thin bungee cord on each corner of the extended awning  (connected to the deck railing)  will give enough tension to keep the awning from flapping in a moderate wind without worrying about damage.

Retractable Awnings

Our wonderful Woodland neighbors are sharing their collective knowledge regarding retractable awnings: Susan states: We  had  an  awning.  It was  color  matched  to our  home  by  Marygrove Awning.  We paid  extra  for  all the  features  like  electric motor,  tilting left  or  right from the  sun,  inside  the  house  mounted electric  button.  It was  nice  but  we… Read More »

Retractable Awnings

We have a fellow resident who is considering installing a retractable awning and would appreciate some input.  Have you installed a retractable awning on your unit?  If so, where did you purchase it?  What make and/or model number was it?  Are you satisfied?  Dissatisfied?  If you had to do it over, is there anything about your… Read More »