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Newsletters and Events – Week of February 28, 2020

Northville City News COVID-19 activities and pertinent information.  The Biden administration announced additional steps this week to increase vaccine supply to states nationwide and provide National Guard support for COVID-19 activities. For questions regarding COVID-19, call 211. ( Northville has two super-vaccination centers presently – one at Meijer (8 Mile/Haggerty) with 20 vaccination stations.   To… Read More »

Newsletters and Events – Week of February 14, 2021

Northville City News Heat in the Street makes downtown the place to be on weekends.  The “Heat in the Street” event is in full swing with vendor stands and eating pods to expand the restaurant scene and create a European-style outdoor bistro area.  The stands are typically open Friday, 4-9 p.m., Saturday, 12-9 p.m. and… Read More »

Covid-19 Vaccinations

We are all hoping for a return to normal….we are all tired of wearing masks, being cooped up in our houses and not being able to freely socialize with our family and friends.  Our best hope is the Covid-19 vaccine. Unfortunately, as we are all aware, the vaccine is in short supply.  To increase your… Read More »

Newsletters and Events – Week of January 24, 2021

Plymouth Weekly Update Plymouth Ice Festival  – This years event will be a scaled down affair with over 50 sculptures throughout the City of Plymouth for your viewing. 2021 Plymouth Ice Festival Official Hours of Operation: Friday, February 12th Saturday, February 13th Sunday, February 14th Ice Carving – Friday, February 12th at 7:00 pm Ice Festival… Read More »


Your editor needs an editor.  There were two different dates for the planned annual meeting in the last newsletter. The correct date is Thursday, January 28, 2021 at 7:00 pm. We will continue to keep you apprised as to any changes in those plans as dictated by the State of Michigan Health Department directives.

Should Streets remain closed in Northville?

Town Hall Meeting – January 12th at 7:00 p.m. In response to the pandemic, the City of Northville (City) and the Northville Downtown Development Authority (DDA) closed N. Center Street and E. Main Street to vehicular traffic, allowing downtown businesses to expand onto the sidewalks and into the street. The current street closures are scheduled… Read More »

Newsletters and Events – Week of December 13, 2020

Northville City News Support Northville Businesses.  Here’s a guide to the restaurants and bars in Downtown Northville . Several are in the Social District, which means you can consume alcoholic beverages purchased from participating businesses outdoors in the designated area (on Center Street and Main Street, marked by signs). Shops are also open with many offering… Read More »