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Neighborhood Newsletters Week of August 2, 2020

Your editor and well as her grandchildren love blueberries and therefore, I have a blueberry bush growing in a pot on my deck. Well I couldn’t understand why all my blueberries were disappearing until I captured this little scoundrel climbing up and helping himself.  If he wasn’t so cute…… Northville City News Plymouth Weekly Update… Read More »

Community Newsletters July 26, 2020

To keep you updated on the latest news and events for communities in our area, you can read the newsletters below by clicking on the link embedded within their names: Plymouth Downtown Authority Weekly Update Northville City News The Route  Provides information regarding all things “road” in and around Northville Township Inspire Northville Senior Citizens… Read More »


There were probably quite a few residents in the community who felt like doing this when the sprinklers finally came on! Be patient the control system for the sprinklers are new and controlled by computer.  Tweaking will be necessary.  There are also a number of sprinkler heads that still need to be repaired and/or replaced. … Read More »

Happy Fourth of July

As we celebrate this Fourth of July, our nation is under siege by many factors: an insidious virus political infighting and stalemate where our politicians are more interested in protecting their “turf” then protecting the American people social unrest,  as many fight for the American dream that we ourselves have realized from a combination of… Read More »

Why I wear a Mask.

I wear a mask in public for three reasons: Humility I don’t know if I have Covid and it is clear that people can spread the disease before they have symptoms. Kindness I don’t know if the person I am near has a kid battling cancer, or cares for an elderly or immuno-compromised loved one. … Read More »

Northville Township Supervisor’s Message: – JUNE 17, 2020

My Fellow Residents, I wanted to share some important updates with you for the week: Listening campaign – Northville Township is committed to providing exceptional and professional police services to our diverse community.  On Tuesday, Chief Tennies and I partnered with the Conference of Western Wayne to kick off the listening tour with the Western Wayne County… Read More »

Safety First!

Source Both Downtown Northville as well as the Northville Public Library have published their re-opening plans designed to re-engage the community but keep both patrons and workers safe.  The links to that information can be found below: Re-opening Plan for Downtown Northville Northville Public Library Re-Opening Plan    

Have you missed the newsletter?

Your editor, like everyone else, has been quarantined at home.  Unfortunately, this pandemic has had a major impact on my businesses so I had neither the time nor the energy to devote to the newsletter.  Now that things are calming down a bit, you should start seeing it a bit more regularly. Hope you and… Read More »