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Conifer Trees

There  has been some concern expressed by co-owners regarding the browning and loss of needles on the conifers throughout the community.  The Board has therefore had the trees inspected by an Arborist.  As a result of that inspection, he had this to say: “We did an inspection at Woodlands South this morning in response to… Read More »

Darn Critters!

You may have noticed that portions of your lawn are being torn up by critters such as skunks, raccoons, squirrels and possums. You can spray with a animal deterrent such as “Critter Ridder”  which claims to last for 30 days.If you are opposed to such products, step the grass down where it has been dug up or it will die… Read More »

Dressed up Trees

You might have noticed trees around the community with pink tape on them.  No they are not getting dressed up in preparation for the Fall Party.   Those are the trees that are scheduled for removal in the very near future.  The Board is making a concerted effort to effectively manage our natural resources, including removing diseased trees and those that… Read More »

Pine Trees

Your Board of Directors and Landscape Committee are well aware of the sad state of the pine trees within the community.  Beginning last year, they commenced discussions with various Arborists regarding the cause of the decline as well as a recommended course of action.  As a result of those recommendations, the Board has contracted for… Read More »

Wonders of Woodlands – Fall 2015

A special Thank You to Carrie Nay for sharing this wonderful picture of Woodlands South in the Fall.  I love the way she captured the reflection of the color in the water as well as the structure of the bare trees. We hope that you have all been enjoying this glorious fall this year! Let us… Read More »

A Special Thanks

Fred and Bonnie Sheill did a wonderful job purchasing and installing the colorful fall entrance decorations.   As they brighten your day each time you enter the Woodlands, think of their unselfish commitment of both their time and energy to our Community. Sending a great big hug and thanks to Fred and Bonnie from your neighbors.


As the trees in the community mature, you may have noticed that some have developed issues such as needle drop, stunted growth or leaf discoloration.  Be advised that the Board is aware of the problem.  We are currently in the process of having the trees evaluated by Certified Arborists to determine the cause of the problems, the suggested solutions, if… Read More »


You may have observed members of the Landscape Committee walking around the community.  We are taking an inventory of the front lawns and rating them on a scale for replacement.  We are beginning with the front lawns as they are the most visible.  Our goal is to establish a list for the Board of Directors… Read More »