How do I go about submitting a question?

The best way to submit a question is by e-mail.   Contact the Communications Committee

What type of questions will be addressed?

This forum is to address questions that would be of concern to the overall community.  As an example, some appropriate questions would be:

  • What procedure must I follow if I want to submit a landscape modification request?
  •  What units are going to be mulched this year?
  •  If my modification request is rejected, is there an appeals process?
  • If I have a concern which I feel is not being addressed adequately by the Management Company, what is the best method for bringing this to the attention of the Board?

This forum is not to be used to raise a particular issue which you may have with your unit.  As an example:

  • My gutter is falling off.  Can I get someone out to fix it? (Repair and Maintenance issues need to be addressed to the Management Company)
  • They removed a tree from behind by house.  Can you please tell me when it will be replaced? (This type of question should be addressed to the Management Company and/or the Landscape Committee.)