Rules and Regulations

The Rules and Regulations Committee is a special committee and not a standing committee.  It is formed only to create the initial rules or if the Board believes that a review of those Rules and Regulations is warranted.
Our Governing Documents authorize the Board of Directors to adopt reasonable Rules and Regulations.  The Rules and Regulations are a significant source of authority for the Board because they are the “living and breathing” document that governs the day-to-day operations of Woodland South as opposed to the overbroad, generic provisions of the Master Deed and By-laws. Our Rules and Regulations were originally adopted in April, 2009 and there have been numerous amendments.  While every effort is made to keep the Rules and Regulations posted on the web site up to date, always inquire with the appropriate committee for referral to a Board Member, if necessary, before undertaking any modifications to the common areas or exterior of your unit.
The Rules and Regulations are only as good as the efforts of the Board to enforce them. This requires the education of all present and future residents as to their contents, as well as educating residents about the procedures for enforcement, such as fines, legal action and the opportunity for a fair and impartial hearing. Since a copy of the Rules and Regulations Guide has been posted on-line, ignorance of a particular requirement will not negate its enforcement.

All members of Woodlands must be aware that the elected Board of Directors and the Property Manager cannot be expected to witness all violations and solve all disputes between residents. The Members of the Association must be willing to come forward and notify the Board or file complaints when rule violations occur. They must also be willing to give testimony to prove the accusations in order for the board to utilize prescribed enforcement procedures.  A form to report an Alleged Violation can be found in the Documents Section of the Web Site.
Violations of the law, however, must be reported to the police and, as a practical matter, the Association will refrain from getting involved in simple “neighbor” disputes that do not affect the common areas or the health, safety and welfare of the members of the association.