Water Woes

By | January 24, 2015

Get ready to open your pocket books folks.  A significant increase in the fixed rates associated with your water and sewer bills for 2015 has just been announced by Northville Township.  These increases are necessary due to a change in the rate structure from the Detroit Water and Sewer Department which is putting more emphasis on fixed rates to cover fixed costs.  These increases are excepted to cost the average household approximately $215 annually.  A recent article in the Northville Record explaining these increases can be found by clicking here.

What’s even more painful is that there may additionally be an increase in the rates charged for consumption from the DSWD. Recent news reports suggest that those increases could be as much as 14% but the official numbers have yet to be released.  Yikes!

Do you foresee astro turf in the common areas and showering on the decks when it rains?  I’d hate to be the one responsible for writing and enforcing the Rules and Regulations regarding that activity!