Community Update from the Board of Directors

In an effort to improve communication with the residents, the Board of Directors will be sending out periodic updates regarding essential services in progress to enhance our communities appeal.   This is the first of those updates. The Board met with Great Oaks Landscaping today to review how they are progressing with this seasons lawn maintenance.… Read More »

Monthly Board Meetings

Due to the Pandemic, the regularly scheduled monthly Board meetings are being held by teleconference, as opposed to in person.  However, residents can still participate by joining in that call.  Please contact Helene at Herriman for dial in credentials.  She can be reached at  Contact the Management or at 734-459-5440. The teleconference meetings are being… Read More »

Update from the Board

COVID-19 has negatively impacted our lives in more ways than we can count.  Unfortunately, this has held true for our irrigation/well project turn-on/startup.  COVID-19, State of Michigan rules/regulations delayed our lawn & irrigation services until the first week of May. We also were waiting for our electrician to provide the pump station with power, that… Read More »

Livonia Music from the Heart Concert Series

Here is the opportunity for you to get out of the house, enjoy some great music and yet have the opportunity to practice appropriate social distancing guidelines.  We all need a bit of diversion in our lives right now. Join us for the Music From the Heart concert series starting on Thursday, July 9 from… Read More »

Happy Fourth of July

As we celebrate this Fourth of July, our nation is under siege by many factors: an insidious virus political infighting and stalemate where our politicians are more interested in protecting their “turf” then protecting the American people social unrest,  as many fight for the American dream that we ourselves have realized from a combination of… Read More »

Why I wear a Mask.

I wear a mask in public for three reasons: Humility I don’t know if I have Covid and it is clear that people can spread the disease before they have symptoms. Kindness I don’t know if the person I am near has a kid battling cancer, or cares for an elderly or immuno-compromised loved one. … Read More »

Northville Township Supervisor’s Message: – JUNE 17, 2020

My Fellow Residents, I wanted to share some important updates with you for the week: Listening campaign – Northville Township is committed to providing exceptional and professional police services to our diverse community.  On Tuesday, Chief Tennies and I partnered with the Conference of Western Wayne to kick off the listening tour with the Western Wayne County… Read More »

Update from the Board

Updates from your Board Well/irrigation project – Covid and DTE, among other factors have slowed planned progress this spring.   Most pieces are now in place and final connections should take place within the next couple weeks. Landscape – We are in contact with Great Oaks to make adjustments on the mowing, trimming, etc.  Work will… Read More »