Rules and Regulations Reminder

Just a reminder that bird feeders are not allowed. Rules & Regulations state that ” The feeding of any wildlife, including birds, is prohibited. Based on the history of building damage and potential health and safety issues, a $50.00 immediate fine will be assessed.”

Silver Lining

I ran across this article and felt that it offered some useful tips in our current world situation and therefore wanted to share this with my neighbors.  As Judy Garland sang, look for the Silver Lining.  You can view it here. When 2020 began, no one could have predicted that COVID-19 would bring much of… Read More »

Break-in on Aspen Ridge

NTPD is investigating a home invasion on Aspen Ridge Dr. Home owners in the area are encouraged to check any home exterior cameras for any suspicious activity today between 4-6:30pm on Thursday September 17th.   Please contact NTPD with any information 248-349-9400. According to the neighbor of the house that was broken into, the perpetrators brazenly… Read More »

Update from the Board

The street resurfacing project is planned to begin this week. The first phase will be the replacement of curbing, where needed. Some driveways may be inaccessible for several days while the concrete curbing is replaced and curing. Those co-owners will be notified. The second phase will be grinding off the top 2 inches of asphalt,… Read More »

Flu Shot Clinic

With Covid-19 still a threat, health professionals are stressing that it is doubling important to get a flu shot this year. The Northville Senior Citizens group is sponsoring a Flu Shot Clinic by the Visiting Nurses Association (VNA).  Michigan Community VNA will be offering the Quadrivalent Flu Vaccine. This vaccine targets a fourth strain, which… Read More »

Caveat Emptor

If you have ever heard the term “Caveat Emptor”.  It means “Buyer Beware”  It has been brought to our attention that EcoShield Pest Control, with a soliciting license from the Township, has been canvassing the community, offering great service and lots of scary photos.  This post is not intended to either endorse or discourage the… Read More »

Newsletters and Events – Week of August 16, 2020

If you are feeling down and are just plain tired of social distancing, check out the newsletters for this week.  They have a number of events that you can still do and yet social distance.  In addition, why not support our local restaurants.   Both Plymouth and Northville have closed off streets to allow dining outside. … Read More »