Retractable Awnings

By | May 9, 2015

Our wonderful Woodland neighbors are sharing their collective knowledge regarding retractable awnings:

Susan states:

We  had  an  awning.  It was  color  matched  to our  home  by  Marygrove Awning.  We paid  extra  for  all the  features  like  electric motor,  tilting left  or  right from the  sun,  inside  the  house  mounted electric  button.  It was  nice  but  we are South facing  and  it  did  not  give  us  much protection.  When tilted  it looked like  a junk yard shade.  We sold  it   on  the computer  after 1 summer for 700.00 which was a loss to us.  We hired a company to  build  us a porch with blinds in the windows to keep the sun out.  That is the only thing that works.  Southern exposure is  terrible.

Jeff  wrote:
We had our awning done by Marygrove Awning in Livonia.  Everything is built RIGHT HERE in Michigan with a great staff, and great payment plans also…I’d look no further!   Installed in about 2 hours with zero hassles, and they’re always available if you have questions.  We took advantage of a deal they had 2 summers ago w/ 12 months free financing.  I’m not sure of what they have going on right now, but just give them a call.  First class company!

Cindi shared:
About 6 years ago we purchased one from Marygrove Awnings.  They installed it, it has a motor, and a remote control that makes it very convenient.  We have the Ranch, so it is probably a little smaller than the one for the Cape.  When I walked in their showroom in Livonia on Merriman Road, they immediately knew what we would need being in a Condo setting.  The color is taupe, but as mentioned previously, we had them write it all up prior to purchase and had it approved by Association Rules.  I just got a coupon from them in the Valpak coupon pack, it is for $500 OFF, plus Free Motor and Free Remote Control…  Offer good thru 5/30/15.  The one thing I regret not purchasing was a Wind security, not sure what you would call it; but for $300 more, if the wind would pick up, it would automatically roll up.  Without that feature, you really have to be careful on windy days, or remember to pull it back in when you leave the house!  I have heard of people who forgot and had it severely damaged!