Wells for Irrigation

By | November 7, 2015

Although some information was provided in the minutes and Power Point from the Annual Meeting, Ed Worth the Board Member Liaison for the Architectural Control Committee, has provided the following additional information for the homeowners:

The Board is investigating changing the irrigation system from Detroit Water and Sewage Department water to a well due to the ever increasing cost of water.  The concept involves using one of the detention ponds as a reservoir, complete with an iron removal system, pump station and distribution lines. According to current estimates, which we caution is not based on any detailed engineering study, we would essentially recoup our costs within 2 to 3 years.  The project would be funded by borrowing from our long term reserves and paid back from the budget line item which is currently used to pay for water. Hence, no assessment or increase in dues would be required to cover any of the cost. After the funds are returned to the long term reserve, the savings would be passed on to the co-owners, used to fund additional enhancement programs in the community, or a combination of both.
Currently the Board is engaged in a feasibility study and defining the requirements to obtain township approval. Once this is completed and the cost can be better estimated, the board will then decide if it would be appropriate to proceed. The first step would be to drill a well to insure that an adequate water supply is available. With this information the board will present the findings to the community and request their approval to go forward.
We are planning to have these steps completed before spring so contracts can be in place for construction to be fully completed during the 2016 season, if it is determined that this is the best course of action.
The Board will continue to provide updates on the status as they develop.