Don’t be a Grinch

By | November 14, 2015

We just wanted to remind everyone of the Rules and Regulations applicable to the Winter/Holiday Season.  Don’t spoil everyone else’s holidays by ignoring the Association documents which are designed to insure harmonious living and maintain the market value of our properties:

Seasonal items may be displayed and shall then be removed two weeks after the celebrated holiday.

Hardware to accommodate seasonal decorations must be installed into wood trim only. Any damage to wood trim as a result of said hardware will be repaired at the Co-owner’s expense.

Outdoor furniture and grills may also be placed under a raised deck ONLY if that area has been previously converted to a brick paver patio

Grills may be stored inside a garage but the propane tanks MUST be stored outside either on the deck or deck stairway.

Covers for  outdoor furniture and grills must be either solid white, neutral, black, or dark green.

Absolutely NO ITEMS OF ANY DESCRIPTION may be placed, stored or suspended underneath a deck unless pavers are installed.

Garden hoses should be stored inside from November 1st to April 1st.

Garden hoses must not be stored underneath or be suspended from a deck.

Flower pots must contain attractive plants and greenery.  So please remove any dead plants from those flower pots.  (You can get some fresh greens and holly berries to place in those pots to make an attractive holiday decorations)

As a reminder the Rules and Regulations are permanently posted on the Web Site Under Documents at the top left had side of the Web Site.  To search the Rules and Regulations, just hit Control and “F” at the same time.  That will bring up a search box for your use.