Remodeling Query

By | February 13, 2016

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One of our neighbors is posing a query for fellow ranch owners.  Specifically, they are wondering if anyone has removed the wall between the kitchen and living area, the one that currently has the oven and stove, as they feel that it would really open up the area.

If you have done so or perhaps looked into it and decided not to proceed, they would be really interested in speaking with you.  If you would be willing to  provide input on this matter to your neighbor, please click on this link Contact the Communications Committee.

As a reminder, before you do any modifications to your unit, either interior or exterior, be sure to review the Association documents.  In this instance,  Section 6.2 of the By-laws of the Woodlands South Condominium Association states that, “No Co-owner shall make….structural modifications to any Unit (including internal walls through or in which there exist easements for support or utilities)….without the prior written approval of the Board of Directors…..The Board of Directors may approve only such modifications as do not impair the soundness, safety, utility or appearance of the Condominium.”