Welcome to the Neighborhood

By | June 11, 2016

Did you know that a group of woodchucks is called a college?  Since all of us who live at Woodlands are affectionately referred to as Woodchucks, we must certainly be a well educated bunch.

That being said, a few new Woodchucks joined our College of Woodchucks back in July, 2015.  Unfortunately, the Communications/Welcoming Committee was just informed.  So let’s give a great big, albeit delayed, welcome to Thom Allen and Carla Robelli.

Yes, they are married they just have separate last names.  Thom and Carla moved to Northville from Bloomfield Hills.  Carla decided to join Thom in retirement at the end of December.  Thom retired from data warehousing consulting and Carla work at IT as well at Trinity Health leading their systems implementation across the country.

Thom is an avid golfer and bridge player.  His goal in retirement was to become a bridge life master and he has already met that goal.  WOW!

Carla is still adjusting to going from 100 miles per hour to 50 miles per hour but is having fun traveling and spending time with family and friends.

Welcome to the community!

As a side note, please me sure to drop a note to Contact the Communications Committee, if you know of anyone who is new to the community, has passed or is moving out.  This way we can pass the information along to the Welcoming committee and update the community directory.