Welcome to the Neighborhood

By | June 25, 2016

We have some new neighbors to join our merry band of Woodchucks.  Let’s all give a warm welcome to John and Elaine Sabo who recently moved into 44452 Aspen Ridge.

The move was quite eventful as John had to undergo some surgery which, although successful, resulted in a 30 day hospital stay.  He left his former home in Plymouth and came home to a new one here at Woodlands South.  Since Elaine was spending all of her time at the hospital, her family packed up all their belongings and Elaine is still trying to unpack and find everything!   I can’t imagine!

John was a toolmaker leader at GM and Elaine worked at Ford in heavy truck sales and engineering.  I would have loved to have overheard the lively discussions centered around which car they were going to buy next.

Now that John is retired,  he likes to rebuild old bikes to give them to charity.  Elaine likes to cook, although I don’t believe her story about not being a good cook, and wants to get back into playing the piano and painting.  Since they no longer own a boat, which they previously kept on Lake St. Clair, they hope they will have the time to now pursue their passions.

We wish John a full and speedy recovery!