Dressed up Trees

By | August 28, 2016

You might have noticed trees around the community with pink tape on them.  No they are not getting dressed up in preparation for the Fall Party.   Those are the trees that are scheduled for removal in the very near future.  The Board is making a concerted effort to effectively manage our natural resources, including removing diseased trees and those that are too close to the units.  By removing diseased trees, not only will we improve the look of the community but we can minimize the spread of those diseases to healthy trees.  Additionally, removing trees that are too close to the units will prevent costly damage which will need to be covered by the Association.

Where appropriate, the trees will be replaced with hardier varieties better suited to our climate and those less prone to diseases than some species currently planted in the community.  Be patient, it will take time to remove the trees and implement the replacement program.  In the long run, it will result in a more beautiful community.