Well Update

By | July 22, 2017

Ed Worth, the Board member spearheading the change over from city water to well water for the community irrigation system, provided this update:

“Definition of the revisions to our irrigation system required to convert to the well/pond based water supply has been completed. The Township engineer and planner have reviewed the plan and have given preliminary approval. A package requesting bids has been sent to three irrigation contractors who have expressed interest in working the project. Once the bids have been received and reviewed, in about two weeks, we will then have a firm estimate of the total cost of the project. As soon the cost is available, this information will be conveyed to the entire community and a town hall meeting will be scheduled to present the details of the plan and answer questions. For the project to proceed, it must be accepted by 60% of the community. The Board of Directors recognizes that there are many questions about the project and it is their intent to insure the community has a complete and accurate understanding of the project before the co-owners make their decision.”