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Since the Association will not be adding mulch to the beds this year, the Board has requested that we remind the residents that per the Rules and Regulations  Item 13.1 J.  mulch must comply with the following requirements: All mulch used in the additional landscaping must match the mulch used in the other Common Elements.… Read More »

Woodlands Town Hall Meeting

When :  Tuesday, May 22nd at   7:00 pm Where:  Township Hall in the lower level training room What:  Informal Meeting between the Board and the Community to discuss items of interest

March Board Meeting Minutes

You can read the March 21, 2018   Board of Directors minutes by clicking on the date.  Some of the highlights include: a)  Upgrades to entrance islands b)  Well Project – We have been advised by the Board that the final requirements for the contract are in place, so work is planned to start during the two week… Read More »

Board of Directors Minutes

The latest approved minutes from the Board of Directors meeting can be read by clicking Feb, 2018 Minutes.  Some of the items discussed include: Mailboxes and Lighting Well Project Entrance Islands This is your community.  Stay informed.  

Additional Association Minutes

After posting the minutes for the January, 2018 Board of Directors meeting last week, I realized that we were missing a few minutes.  Those minutes can be found here: November 15, 2017 Board of Directors Meeting 2016 Annual Meeting Approved Minutes They had both be read by clicking on the respective dates above or by going… Read More »

Wells Wins!

Over 75% of the community voted on this very important issue.  Although not all votes have been counted, due to illness at Herriman & Associates, the Board of Directors is happy to report that we have passed the 116 votes required for the project to be approved by a significant margin. The Board appreciates the… Read More »

Vote Wells!

If you have not yet done so, please take the time to complete your ballot regarding the conversion of the Woodlands South irrigation system from the GLWA to a well system, before the deadline of January 12th.  This is especially essential if you are in favor of this proposal as a failure to vote is… Read More »

Special Election

Vote Wells! He is running on a platform of: Freedom from ever increasing water rates under the Great Lake Water Authority Freedom from watering restrictions He promises to achieve his objectives without increasing your dues He has the support of your Board of Directors Remember your Deadline to Vote is January 1 2, 2018.  Please… Read More »

Nothing is Certain

I think we can add to this, the increasing price of water.  We are all aware of the rising cost of our water bills with the increases far outpacing inflation.  With the need to address the aging infrastructure of the Great Lakes Water Authority, it is unlikely that the rate of increases will slow any… Read More »