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Another Water Rate Increase

In case you missed the notice in the latest water bill, the Township has announced that effective July 1, 2017, the water rates will increase from $10.64/1,000 to $11.28/1,000 gallons.  This is a 6.015% increase following a 6.295% increase last year. We are all aware that the Board has been investigating converting our current sprinkler… Read More »

Board Meeting Notice of Delay

This weeks Board Meeting to be held on Wednesday, June 21st will be delayed a half hour until 1:30 pm.  A couple of the board members are attending a conference on irrigation and hence the need to move the start time….so enjoy a leisurely lunch before attending.

Woodlands Townhall Meeting

Your Board of Directors will be having a Townhall Meeting Tuesday, May 23, 2017 7:00 pm to 8:30 pm Northville Township Offices at Six and Sheldon/Downstairs Training Room. There will be no formal agenda for this meeting.  It is purely an opportunity for the Board to receive co-owner input and have an open discussion about… Read More »

Board of Directors Minutes – March, 2017

The current Meeting Minutes can be found be clicking Board of Director March 19, 2017 Minutes. Topics of discussion included:  enclosed porches, entrance landscaping, and wells as well as normal monthly association business.    

2017 Mulch

The Board has approved the replenishment of mulch in the front garden beds and along the side of the units up to the chimney for the 2017 season.  As a reminder, if you want to add mulch in other areas around your unit, please abide by the rules and regulations related thereto: Association  Rules and… Read More »

Thank You and Suggestions

A great big thank you and “atta boy” to those in the community who took the time and effort to pick up the debris after the recent windstorm.  It was interesting to read the comments received that ranged from: “remind people that they should be  washing their recyclables before placing in them in the bin.… Read More »

Keeping our Community Beautiful

When driving to work this morning, I noted trash receptacles with their lids blown open, lying on their sides and trash of all kinds being blown around the community including papers, cans, bottles etc.  While we certainly cannot do anything about wind, a large part of the flying debris  could have been prevented if the garbage had been… Read More »

There She Blows

We are all aware of the extreme winds that we experienced yesterday.  As a result of those winds, the Board of Directors is requesting your assistance.  Please walk around your units and note any of the following: a)  Fallen or damaged trees b)  Missing or loose siding or shutters c)  Missing of loose roof shingles d) … Read More »