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Wonders of Woodlands – Fall 2015

A special Thank You to Carrie Nay for sharing this wonderful picture of Woodlands South in the Fall.  I love the way she captured the reflection of the color in the water as well as the structure of the bare trees. We hope that you have all been enjoying this glorious fall this year! Let us… Read More »

A Special Thanks

Fred and Bonnie Sheill did a wonderful job purchasing and installing the colorful fall entrance decorations.   As they brighten your day each time you enter the Woodlands, think of their unselfish commitment of both their time and energy to our Community. Sending a great big hug and thanks to Fred and Bonnie from your neighbors.


As the trees in the community mature, you may have noticed that some have developed issues such as needle drop, stunted growth or leaf discoloration.  Be advised that the Board is aware of the problem.  We are currently in the process of having the trees evaluated by Certified Arborists to determine the cause of the problems, the suggested solutions, if… Read More »


You may have observed members of the Landscape Committee walking around the community.  We are taking an inventory of the front lawns and rating them on a scale for replacement.  We are beginning with the front lawns as they are the most visible.  Our goal is to establish a list for the Board of Directors… Read More »

Thank you to the Crew

A great big thank you to the hard working neighbors who came out to spruce up the entrances last weekend.  Let’s all give a shout out to: Sherri Guyot Marty Gallo Sandy Gallo Doris Hybl Kathy Sekerchak Pat Fix Mike Fix Next time you drive in the entrances or someone comments on what a wonderful… Read More »

Holiday Decorations

We all owe a debt of gratitude to the intrepid members of the landscape committee who braved the cold and the snow to both put up and take down the holiday decorations this year.  They certainly looked wonderful and added to the festive holiday season.  While your neighbors who put up the decorations were mentioned in… Read More »

Entrance Decorations

We’d all like to thank the intrepid souls who braved the cool damp weather to add a little holiday cheer to the community entrances.  It certainly looks great! Fred and Bonnie Sheill Sheri Guyot Ann D’Agostino Sandy & Marty Gallo We do have a 50 foot piece of Pine / Cedar garland roping left over.… Read More »

Landscape Committee Volunteers

The Landscape Committee would like to welcome  three new volunteers: Sheri Guyot Sandy Gallo Annie D’Agostino Thank you ladies! The committee will be holding a brief meeting in November or  early December regarding Holiday decorations & lights for the entrance walls.  We are always looking for additional volunteers so if you are interested, please contact… Read More »

Hip Hip Hooray!

Congratulations to the Landscape Committee which worked tirelessly  to arrive at a planting plan. within the given budget constraints, that would address the sad state of the landscaping around the utility boxes directly off Birchwood Drive.  The dead and dying spireas have now been replaced with healthy arborvitae which will do a much better job of… Read More »