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Protect your Pets

Pet owners please be aware that there are coyotes in Northville Township. Dogs and cats can be inviting to them, in fact a resident in Grande Vista Estates, off of 7 mile and west of Beck, just lost their small dog to 2 coyotes. According to the Michigan Department of Natural Resources, coyotes can be found… Read More »

Replacing Your Air Conditioner?

Our air conditioner units are going on 15 years and hence are likely to need replacing in the near future.  Per Section 4.2.3 of the Master Deed, air conditioning compressors/condensors are Limited Common Elements of the Association.   Per Section 6.2 of the By-Laws, “No Co-owner shall….make changes in any of the Common Elements, limited… Read More »

Do’s and Don’t of Recycling

The following information was taken from the web-site of GFL (Green for Life), the current refuse removal service for the Township.  You can help them become more efficient by considering what is and isn’t allowed in your recycling bin.   DO RECYCLE THE FOLLOWING: Cardboard & Paper Bags Paperboard Magazines & Catalogs Junk Mail Phone Books… Read More »

Rules and Regulations Reminders

Not wanting to be a Grinch this Holiday Season by sending out a violation notice and fine, the Board has requested that we remind everyone about the rules and regulations in a couple of areas. All plastic flower containers must to stored in the garage during the off season.  Heavy ceramic containers can be left out… Read More »

Please Do Not Feed The Animals

We all love wildlife, however for their own protection, the feeding of wild animals, including birds, is prohibited in Woodlands South per the Association By-Laws: Animals and Pets (Last amended may 18, 2011)  NOTE:  The feeding of ANY wildlife, including birds, is prohibited. Based on the history of building damage and potential health and safety… Read More »

Holiday Decorations

A great big shout out to Sherri Guyout and Ann d’Agostino who removed all the Holiday Decorations from the entrances, separated  the lights from the greens & wiped clean all cords.  It will certainly make it a lot easier to put them up next year.  Thank you, Ladies! As a reminder, if you haven’t taken down… Read More »

Don’t be a Grinch

We just wanted to remind everyone of the Rules and Regulations applicable to the Winter/Holiday Season.  Don’t spoil everyone else’s holidays by ignoring the Association documents which are designed to insure harmonious living and maintain the market value of our properties: Seasonal items may be displayed and shall then be removed two weeks after the celebrated holiday. Hardware… Read More »

Obey the Community Leash Laws

You love your dog.  We get it, we really do.  However, even if you think your dog is the friendliest dog in the world not all of your neighbors share those same views. Woodlands South has always been a dog friendly community and we want to keep it that way.  Hence, it is imperative that… Read More »