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Telephone Scam Alert

Residents should be aware of a telephone scam which involves a caller identifying themselves as an IRS representative who demands the transferring of money cards to them to avoid arrest. Recently a resident in a neighboring community received this scam call which showed the call originating from 248 349-5100 which is the Northville Police Department Administrative… Read More »


Are you transitioning from driving to not driving? Living in a state heralded as the birthplace of the automobile industry, our love of cars and the freedom they represent is part of our culture. The prospect of losing that independence can be frightening to the point where we may deny or delay taking any action.… Read More »

6 Mile and Beck Road Update

The Northville Township Police Department is aware of the concerns from residents about the Beck Road corridor. The Police Department has been following a traffic initiative, increasing patrols in that area. 80 of the nearly 140 traffic related directed patrols in the last month were on 6 Mile alone. 13 of the 47 total crashes… Read More »


The Northville Township Public Safety Department will be launching a new community notification service on September 21! Nixle is a secure service that provides a quick way for community members who subscribe to learn about information regarding public safety issues, emergencies, and community events. The system is available at no cost to the user (although… Read More »

Northville Township Telephone App

Unfortunately, Northville Township has been hit with a number of armed robberies lately, including the CVS at Six Mile and Haggerty, the CVS at 5 Mile and Sheldon and the Chase Bank at Seven Mile and Northville Road.  While the individual responsible for the robberies at the drug stores has been apprehended, to the best… Read More »

Another Critter Story

Two residents in our community have reported that bats have gotten into their units recently, so be extra careful when opening your doors and doorwalls especially in the twilight hours.    Young bats are kicked out of their nests during the summer, which leads to more bats in dwellings — typically peaking in August. Our most… Read More »

Hungry New Residents

A number of hungry new residents have moved into the community.  Sightings have included coyotes (a mother and her pups), a red fox, a hawk and a hen turkey and her chicks. While they are certainly interesting to look at, caution is warranted as they are wild animals.  Do not approach them!  Do not feed… Read More »

Northville Home Invasion Update

Since June 1, Northville Township and our surrounding communities have experienced several home invasions. These incidents have been taking place both during the day and overnight. In response to these crimes NTPD is actively investigating incidents which took place in our community and we are coordinating with surrounding areas experiencing similar events. In response to these… Read More »