Herriman and Associates Information Update

We attempted to pass along the Information updates received from residents to Herriman and Associates but were informed that they cannot accept the information from the Communication Committee nor can they share their information with the Communications Committee unless they have specific written authorization from the resident. Hence, all information updates  unfortunately will have to… Read More »

Christmas Lights for Sale

One of our residents, has the following for sale: 8 Sets of 150 White LED Lights lights on Storage Reel – $10.00 each 4 outdoor times with six outlets – $10.00 Each Or you can make an offer for all If interested, please contact Fred Sheill at 248-444-3684  

Bulbs for Coach Lights

The coach lights originally installed by Pulte used a total of four bulbs.  Two in each fixture.  The new coach lights, that are currently being installed, use a total of six bulbs, three in each fixture.  Hence it will be necessary for each homeowner to purchase and install the additional bulbs in the new light… Read More »


The Form on the Web Site for Updating your Information contained an incorrect e-mail address link and hence, the information was not getting through to the Communications Committee.  We have corrected the snafu and apologize for those that might have been affected.  We were able to recover the updates from 2018 and part of 2017… Read More »

Are we Looking for You?

The e-mail program that we use for the newsletter informs the Communications Committee  of the percentage of emails sent that were actually opened by the recipient or if the email “Bounced” due to an incorrect e-mail address. If you are one of the  individuals listed below, please click here to insure that we have your most recent… Read More »

Candy Making – YUM!

Betty Abraham’s held an afternoon of Candy Making at her house.  It was great fun.  In attendence were community residents, Betty Abraham, Pat Fix, Maria Lyzen and Mary Marcantonio as well as members of Betty’s Church.  Some picture of the mess we all made at Betty’s house are shown below. My taste buds thanked Betty… Read More »

September, 2018 Board of Directors Minutes

The September, 2018 Board of Directors Meeting Minutes can be found on clicking September 19, 2018. Please keep informed…..the proper functioning of our association is dependent upon the involvement of its community members.

Maintenance Requests

If you have a maintenance request on your unit or for the common areas of the community, it is important that that request is in writing and forwarded to the Management Company, Herriman and Associates.  Phone Calls are not an acceptable way to make that request. You will note on the left side of the… Read More »