Special Election

Vote Wells! He is running on a platform of: Freedom from ever increasing water rates under the Great Lake Water Authority Freedom from watering restrictions He promises to achieve his objectives without increasing your dues He has the support of your Board of Directors Remember your Deadline to Vote is January 1 2, 2018.  Please… Read More »

Winter and Holiday Advisories from Northville Township

HELP KEEP OUR COMMUNITY SAFE!  CLEAR YOUR FIRE HYDRANTS! Our Northville Township Fire Department needs your help! Maintaining clear access to all fire hydrants is of the utmost importance. Increasing snowfalls create a variety of issues regarding our ability to locate and access fire hydrants in a quick and efficient manner. If you or your… Read More »

Nothing is Certain

I think we can add to this, the increasing price of water.  We are all aware of the rising cost of our water bills with the increases far outpacing inflation.  With the need to address the aging infrastructure of the Great Lakes Water Authority, it is unlikely that the rate of increases will slow any… Read More »

Woody’s Corner Recommendation for Railings

David and Janet Pitcock HIGHLY recommend Wayne Craft to anyone interested in installing railings, all on display at their showroom. Their salesman was Jason McFall (cell 734-323-6880). According to Dave and Janet, he was a perfect gentleman and very knowledgeable of not only their products but of how to help them decide what was best… Read More »

Newsletters and Events Week of December 3, 2017

This week we are highlighting opportunities for you to put your holiday charitable donations to use in our community.  Specifically the Northville Civic Concern and The Northville Library Endowment Fund are two wonderful local As always, for your reading enjoyment this week, just click on the name of the newsletter or venue  to be taken directly… Read More »

Maintenance Matrix

On the Web Site at the upper left hand corner, is a tab called Documents.  If you were to click on that tab you would be taken to a section of the web site, that includes all of the pertinent documents regarding your association.  One of those documents in the Maintenance Matrix that details whether… Read More »

Board Meeting Minutes

There are two new Board Meeting Minutes that can be read by clicking on the dates below. The new officers of the Association were chosen by the Board Members at the November 2nd meeting, so be sure to read the minutes so that you know the names and positions of the various officers as well… Read More »