Social Committee March, 2014 Meeting Minutes

By | March 22, 2014

The Social Committee met on March 18, 2014.
A lovely “Welcome Basket” has been created for new neighbors.  We encourage the Community to let Maria Lyzen (Phone 248.924.2651; email or a Board member know when they see or know of someone new moving into our Community.

There is much interest in having a Book Club for our Community.  However, we are in need of someone to lead this endeavor.  Please contact Doris Hybl (Phone 248.348.8782; email if you are willing to get this club “off the ground.”
There is also strong interest in having a Women’s Club for the ladies of Woodlands South. The purpose would be to have fun events that allow women to get together for lunches, dinners, shows, or any other activities the women would like to plan and organize.  Again, we also need someone who would take this “under their wing” and get it going!  Please contact Doris Hybl (phone 248.348.8782; email if you are willing.
Look for upcoming activities the Social Committee has in the works, including but not limited to the “Beginning of Summer” Deck Party (Flamingo inspired).  Stay Tuned!!!