A Helping Hand for the Holidays

By | November 14, 2015

One of our residents, Maria Lyzen, would like to recommend a “Helping Hand”.  According to Maria,

I have a caregiver that I have for my husband Michael….but she would like more hours and work than I can give her.  She is very good in taking care of Michael…but she does my laundry, cleans my house, etc.  She loves to paint inside of houses and loves to wash floors.  Loves to see the end result!

 For the holiday season she would like to offer her services for:

– assistance with deep good holiday house cleaning
– do some light house work in between cleanings
– helping to decorate the house, Christmas tree, etc.
– run errands, grocery shop, etc
– set the table, wash the dishes
– do whatever is necessary for the holidays

I pay her $13.50 an hour
Painting is by the job.

Her name is Deborah Cetnar-German.  I call her Debbie
She can be reached at 248.787.3724
or queenbeedeb2260@gmail.com
She resides in Westland