Conifer Trees

By | November 6, 2016

There  has been some concern expressed by co-owners regarding the browning and loss of needles on the conifers throughout the community.  The Board has therefore had the trees inspected by an Arborist.  As a result of that inspection, he had this to say:

“We did an inspection at Woodlands South this morning in response to the email regarding the evergreens.  Evergreen trees (Spruces and Pines) shed needles in the fall just like deciduous trees.  Pines and Spruces however do not shed all of them, just interior needles the tree has decided it has no use for anymore.  This is something that happens every fall, sometimes it goes unnoticed because the needle drop is so minimal.  This summer however has been a very hot and dry one and has triggered more needle drop than usual.  While the loss of needles is always alarming, it should be no cause for concern.”