Exhaust Water Pipe at Furnace

By | August 6, 2017

Ken Coakley wanted to share this valuable information with his neighbors:

There is a white plastic pipe on the side of the furnace that goes  to a floor drain. Ours was leaking so we called  a plumbing company. You can save money by doing the following.

Either pour a cup of white vinegar or a cup of bleach down the water exhaust pipe (unscrew the threaded cap at the top of the pipe to do this) . This will assure that the AC water flows into the hole in the cement floor  and does not clog up and back up onto the furnace floor .The furnace guy says to do this once a month .This info is free to you .   It was a problem at our house that was corrected for $100.00 . These condos are 14 years old and goofy things will happen!