Northville Township Police Bulletin

By | February 3, 2018

Already this year, Northville Township has experienced two daytime breaking and entering incidents at homes.

In order for our department to combat this issue we are seeking the assistance of our community. Please share these tips with your communities and encourage all your residents to keep an eye out for suspicious people or activity.


Situational Awareness:

  • Prior to leaving your home, scan the surrounding area for suspicious people or vehicles.  Pay particular attention to any vehicle you do not recognize
  • Report all suspicious activity to the NTPD immediately at 248-349-9400 or 911 for emergencies

Inside your Home – Locks, Doors & Windows:

  • Install and use deadbolt locks on doors, keep your doors locked
  • Secure sliding doors and windows with a wooden dowel.  Security film can be attached to windows and glass doors, providing additional protection.
  • Locks all windows at night or when away from home
  • Hide valuables out of site
  • Don’t open your door for strangers, talk to them through the door.  If in doubt, call police.
  • Install security cameras and/or video doorbells

Outside your Home

  • Trim back shrubbery which hides doors or windows
  • Cut back tree limbs that a thief could climb on to access the second floor
  • Make sure all porches, entrances and yards are well lit
  • Keep your garage closed
  • Keep porch lights on overnight
  • Do not hide keys in mail boxes, planters or under doormats
  • Do not put personal identification on your key ring
  • If keys are lost or stolen, change the locks immediately

When Away or on Vacation

  • Make your home appear occupied when you go out
  • If you are gone for several days, arrange to have your mail and papers stopped or picked up
  • Leave lights on and the radio playing
  • Use times to turn inside lights on and off
  • Keep your garage door closed and locked
  • Request a vacation watch through the police station
  • Do not post vacation plans or pictures on social media until you return

Thank you

Officer Ben Sellenraad
Community Services Officer
Northville Township Police Department
41600 Six Mile Rd
Northville, MI 48168