Your Input is Needed

By | March 31, 2018

Northville Township is looking into switching to a weekly recycling pick-up for residents and wants to know what you think.  We currently have a solid waste services contract with GFL through June, 2022. Through mutual agreement, the contract can be amended to add weekly recycling. The estimated cost increase to add weekly recycling for residents would be $2 a month or $24 a year.  Northville Township has received feedback from residents (and did a poll on Facebook) about adding weekly recycling, but wanted to see how many residents are interested in switching. If you receive a water bill, a survey card will be mailed to you in April with your bill. Please fill it in and send it back! If you do not receive a water bill or would rather fill it out online, you are welcome to complete the survey here. It will be open until May 7.