Maybury Farm Farmhouse

By | May 19, 2018

Be a part of the history of Maybury Farm…and a part of the future!

The white farmhouse at Maybury Farm is a long-standing piece of Northville history.  Built in the mid-1800s by the Blackwood family, it became home to Dr. Walin who was one of the first physicians in the developing city of Northville.  The Walin family worked a 220-acre farm named “The Maples” for over 30 years.  When the farm was sold to the City of Detroit to be part of the Maybury Sanitorium, the farmhouse was home to the farmers who worked the land to produce food for the patients struggling to recover from tuberculosis.  Dr. Maybury, the designer and doctor at the sanitorium, often stayed at the farmhouse and after being diagnosed with a terminal case of tuberculosis, chose to spend his final days at Maybury Farm in the farmhouse that had been his second home.  When the land became part of Maybury State Park, the farmhouse again housed farmers who worked the land as a way to educate the community about the history of farming in the Northville Community.  Today the farmhouse is part of the property the Northville Community Foundation leases from the State and has great potential as a vital piece of educational and administrative infrastructure.

The Farmhouse Fundraiser provides opportunity to help with the renovation of the farmhouse.  Our goal is to make it functional for office, meeting and educational space for staff, volunteers and the children and families who visit the Farm.  It is also important to us to maintain and, in some cases, restore the historical features of home.  The farmhouse has been in disuse for 10 years so it is in need of many repairs and a lot of TLC but it is structurally sound and ready for renovation.  Currently, there is no office space or year-round heated or plumbed buildings at the Farm making it very difficult for staff and volunteers who administer the many programs of the Farm and care for the animals throughout the winter months.  The farmhouse is the most economical way to provide for these much-needed spaces while also maintaining a vital piece of community history.  The total cost of the renovation is estimated at $90,000 which is our fundraising goal!

Thank you in advance for your support!  To make a donation, click here.