Northville Home Invasion Update

By | June 30, 2018
Since June 1, Northville Township and our surrounding communities have experienced several home invasions. These incidents have been taking place both during the day and overnight. In response to these crimes NTPD is actively investigating incidents which took place in our community and we are coordinating with surrounding areas experiencing similar events.
In response to these crimes, NTPD personnel have been actively engaged in efforts to deter and detect any further incidents. In addition to normal patrol responsibilities, officers have performed over 50 directed patrols in our affected subdivisions.  You can expect to see patrol vehicles driving through your communities utilizing “Cruise Lights”. This high-visibility tactic is employed nationwide and is a deterrence technique. Vehicles with their “Cruise Lights” illuminated will have the left and right ends of their light bars steadily illuminated and it is not indicative of an emergency.
In spite of media coverage regarding the crimes, officers are still finding open garage doors overnight, and vehicles in driveways with doors and trunks left standing open.