Clementine Needs our Help!

By | September 16, 2018
  • Dog Quote Sign, "You'll Never Walk Alone Because I'll Always Be With You" 10"x10" Wooden Dog Lover Sign.Clementine, the Cockapoo is a beloved member of our Community.

Unfortunately Clementine’s mother broke her ankle and had to have ankle surgery.  As a consequence, Clementine is in need of someone to take her for mid-day walks, Monday through Friday, for the next six weeks or so.

Clementine has assure me that she is gentle and excels at walking on a leash! She has even talked her Mom and Dad into paying for the dog-walking service as she enjoys them so much.

If you can help Clementine out, please contact Clementine’s parents:

Steve and Suzanne Braverman
44921 Aspen Ridge Drive