2018 Annual Meeting Highlights

By | November 4, 2018

For those of you that were unable to join us at the Annual Meeting, a few of the highlights are below:

  • Minutes of the 2017 Annual Meeting were approved.  They can be read by clicking 2017 Annual Minutes.
  • Two members were elected to the Board of Directors to serve a two year term:  Fred Sheill (re-elected) and John Shelar (new)
  • As a side note, due to a recent change in the law, Snow-Birds can now serve on the Board of Directors as Board Meetings can be attended via phone or video conference.
  • The Dues will be increasing by $10.00 per month effective January 1, 2019 so as to keep the Association and its Reserves financially sound.
  • An updated reserve study has indicated that our reserves are on track to meet the anticipated financial requirements of roads, roofs and financing the well project.
  • The well sprinkler project was postponed until 2019 due to issues with the scope of work as defined in the original requests for bids.  Those issues have now been corrected and new requests for proposals will be sent out with the work anticipated to commence in 2019.
  • A replacement for the Coach Lights on the Units has been identified and they are on order to be installed upon receipt.  In order to install the lights, the switch for the existing lights must be “OFF”.  If you are a snow bird, please turn it off before you leave, or give a trusted neighbor access to your home to turn the light off while you are away and installation is scheduled.
  • Board Meeting of November 21st has been cancelled due to the Holiday.  A replacement meeting on December 5th at 1 pm at Herriman’s office will take place.
  • The Board would like to remind all residents to please remove your pots from the front and sides of your units and decks and put them in the garage.  If they are too heavy to move, please at least remove all dead plant materials.

Disclaimer:  These are not the official minutes of the meeting and are purely derived from the notes of the Communications Committee.