New Coach Lights Update

By | November 18, 2018
The installation of the new coach lights began this week starting with Unit 1. The Cox Electric crew will continue around the sub on a weather-permitting schedule and as the lights become available at Brose Electrical.  The electricians have been installing the lights and using the bulbs from the original fixtures.
They will not be disposing of the old fixtures or the boxes from the new fixtures which will left on the porch. Co-owners should put the old fixtures and packaging from the new fixtures in the normal weekly trash. Boxes of course should broken down and placed in the recycling bin.
If your neighbors are not home, please help out and dispose of their old fixtures, etc.
The link below is for the smaller light that would be appropriate for the rear locations of the units. The coach lights  for the lights be the decks will be the 49502 OZ which can also be found at this  link.   Brose Electric does not carry this light in their inventory at this time so would need to be ordered.
Since, we could probably get a better price for a group order, we are looking for someone to coordinate this with the co-owners, Ed Worth, one of our Board Members, will help them with Brose Electrical . Since this would not be an association effort, money would need to be collected in advance as Brose requires a 50% deposit before placing a large order.
If you are willing to coordinate placing a group order for the back deck lights, please Contact the Communications Committee. We will work with you to place a notice in the newsletter detailing the information required to beyond part of the group purchase of those deck fixtures.