Are we Looking for You?

By | November 25, 2018

The e-mail program that we use for the newsletter informs the Communications Committee  of the percentage of emails sent that were actually opened by the recipient or if the email “Bounced” due to an incorrect e-mail address.

If you are one of the  individuals listed below, please click here to insure that we have your most recent e-mail address.  Additionally, if one of the individuals listed below are your neighbors, please ask them to update their information as they may not be getting these newsletters.  They can go to the website at and complete the form on the right hand side under “Update Your Information” or they can contact Pat Fix directly at

Ray Zieglar
Patrick & Claudia Cassidy
Robert Bolduc
Keith Sanders
Ruowen Liu
Lee & Mary Pinneo
Al & Sue Shoucair
George & Marilyn Bak
Greg Baker
Donald Bain
Kenneth & Donna Thomson
Joe Urban
Bill & Kari Park
Edward & Susan Yoo
Pat & Janet Paquette
Julianna Kagel
John & Kate Ulrich
Catherine Schneider
Yvonne & John Katharopolos
Laura & Jim Clark
Richard & Joan Foersterling
Charles Cosin
Anthony Notario
Rich & Arlene Baylarian
Al & Susan Shoucair
Donald Bain
Shagara & Pritam Sooch
Dave & Debra Heist
Larry & Carol Carroll
Gene & Debra Fontana
Sania Hamade
Mary Lou Fischer
Nancy & Nino Benedetti
Dan & Cathie Schneider
Sandra Branoff
Arlene Crut
Kurt and Nancy Skrade
JoAnn Von Steeg