Window Woes

By | March 9, 2019

One of our homeowners is inquiring as to whether other residents are having problems with their seals on the windows originally installed by Pulte. If so, what are the signs and what steps have you taken?

If you can shed any light on this issue, to be published in a latter newsletter, please Contact the Communications Committee.

The Board has requested that I remind all residents, that although the repair and replacement of the windows are the responsibility of the individual homeowner, that replacement still has to be approved by the Board of Directors. There are general guidelines until the Rules and Regulation Section 27. They can be found by clicking on

The Board is in the process of reviewing those guidelines so save yourself some time and aggravation by reaching out the Board as soon as possible in this process. The Board member in charge of Architectural Control is John Shelar and he can be reached at
Contact the Architectural Control Committee

As a reminder, all governing documents of the Association, can be found on the Association’s Web Site under Documents on the far right upper side. Contact information for all Board Members, the Management Company and all committees can be found under Contacts on the upper left side of the Web Site.