Door Handle Woes Update

By | July 13, 2019

The Patels and Booskas apparently hadn't gotten this word ...As always, our Woodland residents have graciously shared their experiences with their neighbors:

Rod Johnson wrote:
Manufacturer doesn’t make that model any more but they have a similar one available and will send you an entire set free. That is what we did.  Rod  indicates that he does have a couple of the handles from the old set. If you are interested, please contact the Communications Committee and I can put you in contact with Rod
Kenneth Gutowski wrote:
I had the same problem when I lived in Woodlands North. The dummy door handles broken. I was able to get a free handle through warranty. Go to Smede-Son noted below with the existing handle so they can match the design and finish.
Smede-Son Steel & Building Supply
Building materials supplier in Redford, Michigan
Address: 12584 Inkster Rd, Redford Charter Twp, MI 48239
Phone: (313) 937-8300
Jim Yoder wrote:
Smede-son Steel Building
Inkster Rd just 1/2 mile South of I96. They may still have replacement hardware. Tell them you have a Pulte home.
One the home page of the web site, at the top left on side you will see Woody’s Corner,  if you click once on that it will show another tab for “Replacement Parts”.  All information that we have relative to replacing standard equipment on the units can be found there for your reference.