Well Update

By | September 8, 2019

Update your resumeIn addition to the letter we received from the Management Company,  Ed Worth, the Board Member who has been spearheading the well project for the community offers the following update:
“Michigan Automatic Sprinklers has had multiple crews on site the past couple of weeks. They finished the main 2 1/2” distribution lines on the outer perimeter of Aspen Ridge and are now working the last sections covering the area inside the Aspen Ridge, Birchwood, Sycamore bowl.  Another crew has been installing the 4” lines which supply the multiple distribution lines. Installation of the 6” line delivering the water from the pond up to the community should start next week.  Installation of the pump station at the pond and the well pump are planned for the last 2 weeks in September.

Once this is completed the connections to each building will be done.”