Update from the Board

By | June 7, 2020

As everyone in the Woodlands is aware, our irrigation system is still not operational and the lawns are suffering. In the late fall when work stopped on the project, everything was in place except the electrical for both the well pump and irrigation pump at the pond. During our mild winter, our electrician was able to complete the DTE-required infrastructure from the pumps to the transformer boxes at both locations. DTE had been unable to complete the actual power connects until 10 days ago due to the governor’s Covid-19 Stay-Home directive. Since then we were informed by the irrigation company that the well pump needed to be checked out by the well drilling company before the irrigation system could be started. Their work has been delayed because of Covid-related layoffs and the death of the patriarch of the family-run business. At this time, we expect the system checkout to begin this coming week.
In conjunction with the system checkout and startup, there is still significant lawn and bike-path restoration to be completed. In some areas it is minor and in others it is quite significant. Our goal is to address all of the areas such that the lawns paths are returned to their original condition.
In addition to the irrigation system, there is significant work scheduled throughout the community this summer. Contracts are in place to paint Units 1-50 and replace the roof on seven buildings. (These co-owners have been notified.) Work has already begun on repairing the storm sewer catch basins in preparation for asphalt grind and recoat of our streets later in the season.
Meanwhile, the other seasonal work is also continuing. As examples, a few nuisance willow trees have been targeted for removal, evergreens are being trimmed up or removed and concrete issues have been surveyed and will be prioritized.
Please be patient for the inconveniences that will result from the multiple contractors in the community.