Happy Fourth of July

By | July 5, 2020

Vintage Patriotic Postcard Children MarchingAs we celebrate this Fourth of July, our nation is under siege by many factors:

  • an insidious virus
  • political infighting and stalemate where our politicians are more interested in protecting their “turf” then protecting the American people
  • social unrest,  as many fight for the American dream that we ourselves have realized from a combination of hard work and in some instances the circumstances of our birth
  • economic fallout from the virus and social unrest

However, we must never forget that we live in the greatest nation of the world that has weathered many a storm.  What makes America great is our ability to rise to the challenge and adapt to whatever circumstances are buffering our nation, whether those forces are internal or external.

So as we celebrate this Fourth of July, we can lament what was or educate ourselves regarding these challenges, evaluate our own behavior in response to these issues, and carefully evaluate those we choose to represent us.

Unlike any other nation in the world, what our country was, is and will be, in totally within our control.  Celebrate our rights and exercise them!