Caveat Emptor

By | August 30, 2020

Caveat Emptor
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If you have ever heard the term “Caveat Emptor”.  It means “Buyer Beware”  It has been brought to our attention that EcoShield Pest Control, with a soliciting license from the Township, has been canvassing the community, offering great service and lots of scary photos.  This post is not intended to either endorse or discourage the use of their services.

Obviously if you are not getting a recommendation from a friends or family, it is best to thorough check  out any business from which you intend to buy goods or services.   The internet is a great resource for that. However,  you do have to be careful that you are looking at the reviews for the particular location of the business.  Oftentimes these businesses are franchises with multiple locations and each location can have varying degrees of customer satisfaction.

Two sites that are often used for reviews of various business are:

The Better Business Bureau