Have you forgotten?

By | June 6, 2021

One of the best features of our little community newsletter and website is the ability to share our collective experiences with addressing problems within our homes as they are essentially the same.   If you look at the upper right side there is a title “Co-Owner’s Corner”, click on that and under there you will see a title called “Woody’s Corner” in honor of our little mascot Woody!

There you will find recommendations from co-owners for good and services.  So if you have any that you would like to add or if you have had a bad experience with any of those that are currently listed there, let us know.  You can send your recommendations to your editor: pfix@aol.com.

You will also find under that category another title called “Unit Replacement Parts”.  There you will find sources to replace certain elements common to our units such as light fixtures, original paint colors, door handles etc.

Let’s help each other out by continually expanding our collective knowledge.