Recent Board Update

By | June 19, 2021

You should have received an e-mail from Herriman and Associates on June 10, 2021 providing the following update from the Board:

Michigan Sprinkler/Well Irrigation Update: 
  • Your BOD met with Neal & Irwin on June 8th @ 9:30AM.  Here are a few takeaways we wanted to share with you:
    • We have been on our own Well Water supply for the entire 2021 season. (We are not paying for the City Water system).
    • The Pump & Well water supply are more than ample to meet our weekly watering needs.
    • MI Sprinklers are in the final stages of updating & replacing sprinkler heads, rotors, leaks & freeing up line issues due to root restrictions in rear wooded areas.  We expect this to be completed over the next two weeks.
    • Once all updates are completed they will work on rebalancing the system (Pressurization, Flow, zone timings, all done to optimize our landscape coverage to provide consistent moisture to promote growth & lush appearance.
    • also in attendance was Chad Finley (Our project engineer).
    • We have also asked them all to attend & be available for Q & A at our June 24th,Annual Homeowners meeting.
Metro Sewer Cleaners: 
  • Fulfilled the Northville Township requirements for repairs regarding Filter replacement in West & East ponds.
  • Work was completed in May which added to the delay of the well startup.
Great Oaks Lawn Maintenance Update:
  • Your BOD met with our new site Manager Dave Doane (Co-Owner) & Ryan O’Neil on Monday, May 10th @ 9AM.
  • We discussed & met / Intro to Dave (New Site Mgr.) & discussed our one year history.
  • He has assured us going forward that they will be more proactive on helping us promote improvements in lawn quality, tree management,  and entrance beautification.
  • We are in the process of working with them on a 5 year beautification plan going forward now that we have consistent irrigation.
  • We have discussed tying a small GREEN ribbon around your units front gutter downspout signifying to Great Oaks workers that all shrub trimming will be done by homeowner.
  • We have had a number, approximately 70 units over the past 10 years invest their own money in new landscaping and many have expressed a desire of maintaining it appearance according to the R & R Guidelines themselves.
  • We welcome this request & encourage this type of beautification to our community.
Cement replacement/repairs/lifting & front step safety updates: 
  • We have secured detailed bids on necessary work in our sub.
  • Your BOD has reviewed & prioritized needed work and is in process to have work implemented over the 2021 year.
Exterior Unit painting Schedule can be found by clicking Painting Schedule
Roof Replacement Schedule can be viewed by clicking Roof Schedule
Updated R & R distributed in person at the annual meeting on June 24th.